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"Kozienice" Power Station is a system power plant equipped with condensing steam turbines with an open condensers cooling system using water from Vistula river operated with the unit (boiler - turbine set) mode.

View from the Vistula river

The power Station is composed of 10 generating units with the total gross installed power of 2820 MW and pull out power 2913 MW connected to the grid of 110kV, 220 kV and 400 kV voltages. Among them the two largest in Poland 500 MW units connected to the 400 kV system can be mentioned.

The basic activity of the Power Plant is the generation of electrical energy and heat. The pulled out gross power of 2880 MW enables the power plant to produce electrical energy with the 2913 MW of electric power and the 266 MW of heat power.


The power units are composed of installations realizing the three basic transformations of energy.

  • The fuel chemical energy is transformed to the steam thermal energy in boilers.
  • The steam energy is transformed to the mechanical energy in turbines.
  • The mechanical energy is transformed to the electrical energy in synchronous generators.

In the machine room there are 10 turbine sets. The 8 units of 200 MW are positioned crosswise and 2 units of 500 MW - longitudinal.
The 200 MW boilers are constructed in the common building adjacent to the machine room. The 500 MW however are situated in the separate buildings adjacent to the machine room as well. In the machine room and boiler room buildings there are control rooms, switchgears, station heating centers and boiler coal feeding systems.

The power unit is the set of installations. Among the others we can enumerate the followings: coal bunkers, pulverizors, coal belt conveyors, forced draught fans, boiler, induced draught fans, FGD plants, a stack, a turbine set (turbine - generator assembly), an electrical energy leading out system. Together with the unit we can mention the necessary auxiliaries e.g.: coal feeding systems, oil systems, a bio-mass coal co-combustion plant, an ash and slag handling system (transportation and stockyard), a water treatment plant, a condensate purification plant, a sewage treatment plant, internal use electrical energy supply system, automatic control systems, information networks, a 110/220/400 kV open air switchyard, fire fighting installations.

The power unit of 200 MW is equipped with a drum radiant type boiler (type of OP-650-040) with a natural circulation and hermetic membrane walls and with an inter stages steam superheater. The boiler is fired with pulverized hard coal supplied from four coal pulverizers.
Another main parts of the 200 MW unit are the condensing turbine type of 13K215 with the three body one shaft construction and the generator type of TWW 200 with stator windings cooled with forced circulated condensate. The rotor windings and stator iron are cooled with hydrogen circulating in a closed loop. The produced in the generator electrical energy is led out with the unit HV overhead lines to the 110/220 switchyard. The electrical energy leading out system consists of shielded bus ducts (connecting the generator with the step up transformer), the step up transformer increasing the generation voltage to decrease the current transmission looses and the unit overhead line to the power plant open air switchyard.

200 MW unit's control room
200 MW turbine sets

The 500 MW power unitis equipped with a drum type boiler (type of AP 1650) with a pump using forced circulation and with the inter stages steam superheater. The boiler is fired with pulverized hard coal supplied from six coal pulverizers. Another main part of the 500 MW unit is the condensing turbine type of K-5-166-2 of the four body and one shaft construction. The TWW 500 generator stator iron cooling is designed similar to TWW 200 generators. The electrical energy produced in the 500 MW generator is sent to the 400 kV switchyard with the electrical energy leading out system. This system consists of shielded bus ducts (connecting the generator with the generator breaker), step up transformer increasing the generation voltage to decrease the current transmission looses and the unit overhead line to the power plant open air switchyard.

500 MW unit's control room
500 MW turbine sets


The hard coal which is the main power plant fuel is delivered to the "Kozienice" Power Station by rail from Lubelski Węgiel "Bogdanka" S.A. mine and from Silesian mines (about 90% of total consumption). The unloading is carried out with three wagon tipplers. From the tipplers coal is transported with a system of coal belt conveyors through two galleries to the coal bunkers located near to the boilers. From the bunkers fuel is delivered to polverizors. Pulverized coal mixed with air is blown into the boiler combustion chamber with the low NOx emission burners system.
On the 200 MW units the bio-mass coal co-combustion is carried out. The maximal content of bio-mass in fuel cannot exceed 10%. The bio-mass is fed to the coal feeding system with the additional specialized installation. Then the coal bio-mass mixture is sent to the coal bunkers. After pulverizing the mixture is blown into the boiler combustion chamber with the burner system. According to rules a part of coal is stored in heaps on a coal stockyard as a reserve in case of coal delivery disturbances.
In the power plan there are installed the storage plant and intermediate pumping station for mazout which are utilized for boilers firing up during the unit start up and to support the combustion process.
The power station consumes about 5 million tons of coal yearly. That makes 5 deliveries a day average. About nine rail transports (of 40 wagons) are burnt daily at maximal load of power units.

Coal stockyards
Wagon tippler


The electric system comprises a set of switchboards with a cable network used for the electric power supply of the unit installations and auxiliaries.
In the power station there are 127 large indoor switchboards of 15 kV, 6 kV and 0.4 kV voltages and 13 overhead HV lines of voltages 110 kV, 220 kV and 400 kV.
500 MW and 200 MW power units are fully automated with the modern digital automatic control systems enabling the remote units control from State Load Dispatching Unit in PPGC in Warsaw.
As a protection the State Power System against the total black out the automatic control systems of four 200 MW units and two 500 MW units were readjusted to the "active island' operation mode which enables to restart the power system after the shut down.

Step up transformer of the 500 MW unit

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